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Improve Your Landing Page in 5 Easy Ways

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Improve Your Landing Page in 5 Easy Ways

Many marketers find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to using email.

Landing pages can be an important part of your content marketing strategy, but if they’re not converting those leads into customers then you may need to make some changes. Keep reading for tips on how you can improve your landing page!

How To Improve Your Landing Pages

Dynamic Banners

Before we begin, let me ask you to look at the banner image for this page. What do you see? Regardless of the content on this page and what it has to offer – that image is a part of our branding arsenal.

I would like you to close your eyes and imagine what imagery would reflect similar messages but through visuals that pertain specifically to elements within this website.

You might want to start small by creating a banner focused on what you know a customer is constantly browsing for.


A banner advertising the latest trends may be a good way to attract attention from people who are constantly looking at your website for clothing items. Alternatively, you could offer a promotional code or discount only to women.

Call To Action (CTA)

close up click buy now button on mobile shopping app

Unfortunately, some people these days assume that for a website to be well designed, it must look hip and have subtle effects flickering on and off the screen.

Keep in mind that website visitors are your customers, so make sure to quality control (QC) while designing/ coding your site. Additionally, make sure to adhere to other web design staples such as readability and SEO.

When deciding on the right call-to-action to use, one should remember that it should be straightforward and not confusing. Visitors should be able to know what they’re supposed to do when they see this CTA.

The store wants customers to feel like they have a place there. For example, the “Add to Cart” button is usually near products so that customers can easily purchase them.

If you want people to take action when it comes down to registering or creating an account, using “Create your account now!” can get them in a more favorable mindset.

Live Pricing & Availability

When it comes to customer satisfaction, any broken information about a product can be slightly maddening for a customer.

The sense of urgency generated by live pricing and availability can invigorate recipients into taking action.

If your brand has access to real-time data feeds, it can refresh the landing page every time it is loaded so that customers see up-to-date prices and product information.

This update helps you avoid the risk of any outdated information and instills confidence in your customers that they are getting up-to-the-minute details on what’s available.

If someone in your audience is interested in purchasing something that might be out of stock, this type of updated content will encourage them not to wait around too long.



  1. Create messaging with your customer in mind.
  2. Add urgency and scarcity to the CTA.
  3. Provide a “Can’t resist offer”


Popups are often disliked because they can be disruptive or intrusive. However, there could be cases where popups might have the advantage over your current visitors or users.

If you use popups in the correct way, you can set up exit-intent popups that will prevent users from leaving your page and send them on their way toward becoming prospects or leads.

.Popups can be used to greet visitors the same way a shopkeeper greets his regular customers. He is aware of their tastes and usually will sell them something first if it’s available; thus, we can easily catch our returning visitors’ attention with this strategy.




If you have demographic and purchase data on your site viewers, it’s easier for you to offer targeted recommendations on all of your landing pages.

This way, you cut through the noise of all of the items or ads you’ve posted and show off the things the prospect is likely to be interested in and buy!

There are ways to quickly access how users pay more often than other customers and reward them by providing discounts in the future! This way, it helps keep customers happy and increases the chances that they will complete their purchases.

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