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Covid-19 Digital Economy

5 Opportunity areas to explore and exploit There is a certain thing in this digital economy, in these times of the pandemic: We weren’t ready. At least not ready enough to face the multiple challenges that arose despite the virus-driven preparedness of some countries. Before COVID-19, a huge business transformation process was coming together through the mega-success of online services like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Uber, among...

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How to reduce marketing costs

Reducing marketing costs is a priority for many businesses, small and big. Finance experts, not marketers, suggest a healthy marketing budget should be between 5-12% of the business's total revenue. Yet, most small businesses fail to invest in marketing. What is essential here is, your company will fail if you cannot feed it with sales opportunities. Hence, your company needs to be active in marketing and...

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Sales and Marketing The Same

Many people think marketing and sales are the same thing. What do you think? Marketing and sales coexist, but they are not the same. Marketing is the art of communication by which an entity reaches a target audience to generate awareness, create trust, and ultimately bring new customers. We could broaden the definition, but we like this short version because it is concrete. Sales is...

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