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Give your brand a mic: Your Brand needs its own voice!

brand voice

Give your brand a mic: Your Brand needs its own voice!

Give your brand a mic: Your Brand needs its own voice!

Your Brand Was Born to Stand Out!

In a competitive market, standing out in the crowd may make the difference for a brand between being successful or eventually shutting down. Something that can make your brand stand out is its voice, and no, it’s not a singing competition, a brand’s voice is what represents the company through audio, text, and other types of communication, it shows everyone what the brand is, what stands for, what it’s trying to reach. It’s how a company interacts with a specific audience.


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In other words...

it gives a groundwork for creating the brand’s personality which affects how the brand if understood by customers, shareholders and internal audiences, it also helps customers identify the company among the competition.

Standing out is the key

However, other brands work on their brand’s voice to be heard as well and customers are exposed to every day, so why is it important for your company to have a distinguished voice? You have to think in the long-term success of your brand, brands with unspecial or easily-bland-in-the-crowd voices don’t last because they are not that appealing. If your brand’s voice is different, a customer has to do a minimal effort to differentiate it from your competitors.

Brands with unspecial or easily-bland-in-the-crowd voices don’t last because they are not that appealing

The Path of Becoming Top of Mind

Keep in mind that good brand’s voice has the ability to:

  • Embrace trust: Most of the customers need to trust a brand before they buy something from them, this trust is set if a brand is so reliable that a customer can tell the brand is who they say they are.
  • Engage with customers: A brand that is authentic is way more appealing for a customer that one that just do put on a show.
  • Keep consistency: Engender customer loyalty is achievable thanks to consistency.
  • Set expectations: How do you want customers to perceived your brand?

Finding Your Tone

So is set that a brand’s voice is important, but how can a company create one for their brand? Well, first is necessary to understand the target market, gather information about characteristics like ages and demographics (is different to talk to Gen Z than talk to millennials), look for how other competitors talk to their clients, do some research, makes tests on focus groups. Every piece of information you can gather is valuable.

The next step is to develop the brand archetype; this comes from a set of 12 personality concepts that already exist and it helps customers connect with brands and the messages they send and brainstorm ideas about the voice the brand should use. Audiences connect better with brands that share their own values.

The 12 brand archetypes are divided into 4 groups:

Provide structure

  • Ruler (control)
  • Creator (innovation)
  • Caregiver (service)

Explore spirituality

  • Innocent (safety)
  • Sage (knowledge)
  • Explorer (freedom)

Leave Legacy

  • Magician (power)
  • Rebel or Outlaw (liberation)
  • Hero (mastery)

Pursue connection

  • Lover (intimacy)
  • Jester (enjoyment)
  • Everyman (belonging)

The next step is writing a copy in the brand voice. First, start by making statements in the first person as if the brand itself was talking to a customer, you can talk about the brand’s values, mission, and vision. Then try to shorter the paragraph you just create and change the pronoun to an outsider’s standpoint.

A brand’s voice needs to be direct, clear and easy to identify. It needs to have its own voice and tone and be consistent across all platforms and types of communication. Executing well these steps can help you structure your brand’s voice, if your brand didn’t have one already, and help your company connect better with customers.

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