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How To Build A Solid Online Presence

Thinking about online presence reminded me about the other day when I was trying to find the perfect smart band because I wanted cutting-edge, affordable smartwatch options. When I searched for “latest smart band” on Google, I found the brand XIAOMI, promoting its latest smart-watch option “MiBand”. Amazingly, the company dominated the top results, competing with HUAWEI. The first two results were their website, the third was their Amazon page, and the fourth was a review of their product. Having decided I wanted to look further into it, I searched for MiBand on Google and found their socials, their Wiki page, their website, Amazon store, and hundreds of reviews. They were impossible to ignore on the net. Eventually, I ended up buying the product.

Clearly, my buyer’s journey is not unique. In fact, according to Google Analytics, over 90% of consumers use the web to find a business. That’s precisely why building an online presence is essential; It helps consumers locate your brand before they’re aware you exist and it helps them get to know your reputation before making a purchase. In the end, all of this info will play a determinant role in your customer’s purchasing decision. Today we’re exploring what an online presence is, and the most effective ways to build a solid online presence.

So, What’s An Online Presence?

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The term Online Presence has meant many things over the years. Years ago, setting up your website meant you had an online presence. It was good enough to have a pleasant looking homepage, smart navigation, pretty images, and good content. No longer is this true. That’s not to say that all those elements of your website are not important. They are. An online presence can be defined by how easy it is to find a brand or company online. It’s important for building your brand’s reputation, increasing brand awareness, and providing visibility to your products or services when users are searching for related keywords. For now, we’ll focus on these aspects:


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The Search Optimization Engine is something we could write an entire book about. If you are really after showing up online, SEO is something you need to become an expert in. If we had to define SEO in a nutshell, Rankings and Visibility are two concepts that definitely come to mind. The first caters to the process search engines use to decide where to place a particular web page in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages.) Subsequently, drive more visitors to the website, creating major chances for conversions. The second refers to how prominent a domain is in SEO. The higher your visibility, the higher the prominence of your site will be in SERP’s.


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If you think about it, building an online presence is not so different from building a brand. For instance, one of the best strategies that companies have used when building their brands is to personify them. Take Smokey The Bear for instance, who doesn’t know him? He’s been around for ages teaching everyone about forest safety. The very phrase —”only you can prevent forest fires”— has become part of the American lexicon. Therefore, a clear brand helps customers relate to your business and encourages them to engage with you and your content, whether through social media or by signing up for your email newsletter.


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  • Create value from a customer centric approach
  • Build and email list and plan an email marketing strategy
  • Reach out for influencer marketing
  • Automate your processes
  • Always analyze your results and act accordingly


Building a solid online presence is no easy job, that’s for sure. First, it takes hard-work, effort, consistency, and discipline, but it definitely will pay off with many more sales and much better brand awareness in your industry. Moreover, if you are looking to create, review or improve your online presence, we will be more than glad to help you. Join our Instagram journey to learn useful, fresh marketing tips & tricks!

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