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Landing Pages That Convert: 5 Tips

3d Illustration that represents the ideal landing page that converts

5 Tips for the Ideal Landing Page

Are your landing pages failing to convert those leads into customers? Keep reading!


Of all the ingredients out there, it’s no secret that landing pages are big players in the digital marketing game. Nobody likes to be taken to a website with no purpose or just to be spammed, or even maybe annoyingly asked to fill tedious forms,  yet marketers and business owners have historically gotten stuck pushing their customers to do just that. And that may be what’s blocking you from finding your ideal conversion rate optimization.

However, this creates a massive dilemma because you don’t want to risk spamming potential or current clients with forms they don’t find any purpose in filling out or just having not a single clue of what to do once they click your ad. This is a critical point given that you need to find the ideal conversion rate optimization.

Luckily for you, we collected a list of 5 tips when designing those landing pages that convert to help you avoid those sticky situations and potentially ruin your customer journey and overall brand experience.

Table of Contents

Dynamic Banners

Before we begin, let me ask you to look at the banner image for this page. What do you see? Regardless of the content on this page and what it has to offer – that image is a part of our branding arsenal.

Now, I’m going to try something else with you. This time I’d like you to close your eyes and imagine what imagery would reflect similar messages but through visuals that pertain specifically to elements within this website. Is there a more customized experience gaining traction?

You might want to start small by creating a banner focused on what you know a customer is constantly browsing for. For example, if someone continually scans women’s clothes on your homepage, one of your dynamic banners could be for the latest trends with images of new items in just that particular category!

Or you could be even as specific as offering only to that woman a discount code or promotional offer on any of our new items.

optimized landing pages that convert

No Need to Overwhelm the User for the Optimal Conversion Rate

Unfortunately, some people these days assume that for a website to be well designed, it must look hip and have subtle effects flickering on and off the screen.

While these things can be nice, we need to remember why websites were created first: The visitor serves as your customer’s persona as they visit your webpage.

So when designing/coding your site, keep Quality Control (QC) in mind. Don’t neglect other web design staples such as readability, SEO, or formatting. Keep in mind finding the ideal conversion rate optimization method is a mix of taking the right decisions.

a nice landing page that is optimized for conversions

Call to Action (CTAs)


When deciding on the right call-to-action to use, one should remember that it should be straightforward and not confusing. Visitors should be able to know what they’re supposed to do when they see this CTA.

They don’t want visitors to feel like they have no place there. For example, you might want to use “Add to cart” with products because customers are most often looking for that—they want to see the manager button, which will take them right to the checkout.

Or, if you wanted them to sign up for something, you could use “Create your account now!” to get people in a more favorable mindset of wanting action when it comes down to creating an account or profile of some kind (if it involves filling out required information).

You don't want visitors to feel like they have no place there...

Live Pricing and Availability

When it comes to customer satisfaction, any broken information about a product can be slightly maddening for a customer. The sense of urgency generated by live pricing and availability can invigorate recipients into taking action.

So, instead of risking your customers seeing an outdated price or a discontinued product that might have been the perfect match for their specific need, if your brand has access to real-time data feeds, make it refresh every time the landing page is loaded.

This update helps you avoid the risk of any outdated information and instills confidence in your customers that they are getting up-to-the-minute details on what’s available. If anyone in your audience is interested in purchasing something that might be out of stock right then and there, this type of updated content will encourage them not to wait around too long.

Pop-Ups: A Fine Conversion Tool (when used well)

Popups have gained a bad name over the years. There are so many reasons for you not to like them, but there could be instances where popups might have the advantage over your current visitors or users.

When Popups are used correctly with proper timing, you can set up exit-intent popups that prevent users from leaving your page and will send them on their way toward becoming prospects or leads!

Popups can welcome the visitor just like a shopkeeper who greets his regular customers. He is aware of their tastes. Usually, they will buy from him first if available; thus, it won’t be difficult for us to catch our returning visitors’ attention using this strategy.

a perfect example of a landing page that converts

Final Recommendations for your Ideal Landing Pages That Convert

Regardless of your business, if you’re able to collect demographic and purchase information on your site viewers, it’s easier for you to offer them targeted recommendations on all of your landing pages.

This way, you cut through the noise of all of the items or ads you’ve posted and show off the things the prospect is likely to be interested in and buy!

Find ways to quickly access how users pay more often than other customers and reward them by providing discounts in the future! This way, it streamlines their shopping journey while improving your brand’s overall performance because chances are higher that each visitor will complete their purchases.

Do you want to give your landing pages a refresh?

Look no further than Moreketing. Our all-in-one Digital Marketing Pack will help you implement all of these ideas and more, so get in touch now for a FREE consultation call with our Marketing Director about it all.


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