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The Cost Of Social Media Marketing In 2021

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There’s no denying that social media marketing is a fantastic choice for promoting your business to stand out from the crowd in an everyday more competitive market, especially when you think about how much is used by consumers across multiple and varied segments.

Carefully listening to your audience, creating content that resonates with your following on your social media profiles, running social media ads…the advantages are numerous! Thus, being a practical and useful way for companies to always keep in touch with their customer base. However, this fantastic social media marketing must come with a cost, right?

If you’re looking for an exact group of digits, we’re afraid to tell you is not that simple, as several factors such as your location, type of business, audience demographics, expected impact,  they all deeply influence the cost of your strategy.

 While is no easy task to come up with the exact cost, today we want to give you some insights about how to consider your budget for your social media marketing campaign, and to discuss the cost structure of social media marketing strategies.


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Like a Shakespearian dilemma, the first thing you need to figure out is whether you will reach out for help from a professional agency (like us) or manage your social media strategy on your own. And while the latter is always an option, we need to remind you of the investment of time, energy, and dedication to learn how to operate your social media campaigns is huge.

Nevertheless, if a DIY model is what you want to go for, a little bit of automation always comes in handy so you can save a ton of time when organizing your campaigns. It is possible to find subscription-based services and built-in schedulers that fit your budget and help you automate your social media marketing strategy.

Of course, there are many free options available, but if you really want to grow and go pro, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to unlock premium features that you’ll definitely need.

DIY is a nice choice, but you should know this very well: a good social media marketing campaign requires a well-calculated strategy to be impactful. Although running things on your own may look more affordable than outsourcing at first, always remember is about quality and not quantity.

There’s also the possibility of run into different obstacles that you didn’t think about beforehand. DIY strategies suffer from the risk of spending too much of your budget on an unsuccessful result.

Enter outsourcing! This is a perfect fit for the more risk-averse when it comes to social media campaigns. In that case, hiring a professional marketing agency is the most cost-effective way to design a strategy and take care of your social media platforms.


No matter how high your budget may be, you always ought to spend it wisely. There are no typical standards for social media marketing, as agencies usually offer diverse packages and pricing sets. Finding an agency that fits your specific needs and goals could be challenging.

A professional and ethical agency should always ask you what your goals are and aim to achieve the best results for you whether your budget is tight or not. In some cases, agencies get too enthusiastic when the budget is high and that sometimes leads to a serious waste of your money.

Another whole element that can make costs differ is location. It’s important that you consider the agency of your choice’s location to review their expertise appropriately since for the agency to understand and address your customer base’s needs and identify your direct competitors it’s vital.

For instance, if your business is located in Miami FL, a social media marketing agency in Miami FL can help you find your way out, since they probably have a wider experience with the customers around you, and they’re also your primary audience.

If you’re running a business in Sydney, then checking the social media agencies in London seems like a convenient option, however, thanks to technological advances, most agencies today can serve globally; they just have to keep up with the cultural differences and the trends that come along with a different type of audience and of course, adjust to diverse time-zones.


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While there are diverse elements that directly affect the cost of your social media marketing depending on your focus, your partner marketing agency is there to help you and guide you through deciding which type of campaigns will work for you before investing in multiple marketing methods.

  • Visual design is quintessential in any social media marketing campaign, for obvious reasons, so always keep an eye on your visuals. You’ll require cover photos for every and each of your social platforms, professional stock photos, a powerful logo, and a varied reel of videos for your various social media content.
  • Hiring skilled and experienced copywriters and designers is mandatory, as original content is a must, specifically for organic growth. Considering a salary payment structure that works for all parties is a good idea.
  • Social media ads are a different cost that you should pay attention to. For starters, it helps you increase your audience. Since pricing ranges differently from one platform to another, you need to think about a solid strategy in place before coming up with your budget. An agile social media marketing agency should help you develop the right strategy. Each business has a particular niche or audience, according to your industry, certain social media platforms can provide better results than others especially in terms of awareness, lead generation, and conversion.
  • For instance, LinkedIn is more expensive than others when it comes to advertising, however, if your business is B2B, you’ll probably obtain better results on LinkedIn than on Instagram. The agency you go for needs to help you find the optimal way.


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We know social media marketing costs can be sometimes overwhelming at first, especially for small businesses. But we encourage you to spend some of your budgets on what you cannot do well and just by yourself. A 360 professional and experienced social media marketing agency can give you a hand with the weaker sides of your company.

Using it appropriately, social media marketing campaigns and strategies can raise brand awareness, lead generation, conversion, and ROI (return of investment). If you’re willing to go beyond DIY, just make sure that you partner with an agency that can actually make your business achieve the success you envision.

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